iPhone 8 Updates: Next iPhone Will Be All-Glass? To Feature an Enhanced 'Siri'

By Maria Follet - 30 Jan '17 22:11PM

News about iPhone 8 are already making the smartphone consumers crazy. There are now talks about the physical features of the phone, as well as the applications it has for a better smartphone usage experience. One of the changes is that the Physical home button will be gone in iPhone 8.

The physical home button has undeniably become one of the iPhone's trademarks. As what an analyst from KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo had stated to Mirror that such prominent feature will no longer be used in the future iPhones, particularly the 8. The analyst's prediction is that the company will just have to install a biometric finger-print sensor in replace of that physical home button of the iPhone 8. If that happens, then the overall screen will just be smoothly made of glass.

According to Ming, that such action, will enhance more of the phone's security measures as well as fully complementing a full-glass screen. Reports are now circulating that the phone will be in all-glass. In the previous and recent iPhones, the Gorilla glass is just for the screen. However, reportedly, the company is thinking of a more sophisticated design for the next iPhone of the generation through wrapping it with such strong glass.

Forbes, has indicated that there may be troubles with having a glass back. However, it is very beneficial for the phone's induction charging which gives trouble with the aluminum back of the recent and previous iPhones.

Next, the iPhone's virtual assistant Siri will also be having its own enhancements for the iPhone 8. Reports from Fox News say that as this year gives more doors to having virtual assistants on phones, iPhone won't be last in line with having this kind of feature. As the company will be celebrating its 10th year in the market, Apple may givw a more advanced Siri for the iPhone 8.

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