'Apple iPad' Latest News & Update: The Latest Device To Have A Bigger Screen Size; Reports Indicate 2017 Launch

By Carrie Winters - 20 Jan '17 05:30AM

A new "Apple iPad" May be set to be released this year. There are reports that Apple may launch new iPads and there may be more.

According to a report, "Apple" is set to release a new 9.7 inch "iPad" at a lower price. This latest device may not carry the Air or Pro on its name but will simply be called iPad. This gives the device a clear distinction from the ones previously launched.

This Apple iPad 9.7inch may be given a bigger screen once it is being revealed. The screen for this new Apple iPad may not have a bezel and the home button may not be found in front. The Touch ID and may be built on the space between the camera and the speaker.

A report also indicates that Apple may reveal the most updated iPad this year. There are also speculations that the 9.7 inch may not continue and will be replaced with a new and a bigger display for the device. There may also be an additional size to the already existing ones. These apple devices are always upgraded and they are to reveal the latest ones. It is indicated in the report that as Apple upgrades the iPads their sales are raised since users tend to buy the latest ones.

Meanwhile, these latest iPads that will be released will have the A10X processor. This is the latest processor and it is reported to be faster. It is reported that the device is to get the LED display from Seoul Semiconductor instead of Nichia.

There are already different reports on the features on the latest Apple iPads. These new devices may be released any time soon and will have newer specs which can cater to users. There are already rumors that Apple may launch the new devices in March of this year.

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