'Facebook' Working On Journalism Project; Strengthens Ties With The Media; Another Step To Stamp Out Fake News

By Carrie Winters - 12 Jan '17 17:36PM

Facebook is currently working on a Journalism Project which will strengthen its ties with the media. It may collaborate closely with more publishing tools and provide training for journalists to use the platform effectively.

Facebook's vice president of global operations and media partnerships, Justin Osofsky shares in a report that the team wants to work with publishers. This will enable these publishers to build their own products in an effective way. This project also will help the publishers to connect with audiences in a different way.

The company is aware of the responsibility that they have especially in delivering news to people. There are more users now that get the latest news from Facebook. This is a big responsibility and the company is working on spreading the latest credible news to the people using the social media platform.

Facebook's Journalism Project is introduced by the director of the product, Fidji Simo. He shares that this project will establish ties with the news industry. The company also aims to provide a collaborative platform for the people.

This new project will provide a venue for open conversations. The company has worked with several news organizations but it seeks to venture further. Facebook is set to have collaboration with a wide spectrum in giving out the news.

 Meanwhile, this new Journalism Project of "Facebook" can help the company face the criticisms it got from news dissemination. This new move from the company entails for its responsibility towards any news that is released from the social media platform.

According to a report, the plan for this project was done prior to the fake news criticism that "Facebook" got especially during the presidential elections. As part of this project, the company is going to meet up with different publishers in the U.S. and in Europe.

The meetings will be on how the media can collaborate with "Facebook" in this new project. This way people with the account can get credible news from this platform.

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