George Lucas Museum To Open In Los Angeles; $1 Billion Museum To Showcase Personal Collection

By Marguerite Chang - 11 Jan '17 05:30AM

After months of trying to get the honor of hosting the $1 Billion Museum of Star Wars creator, George Lucas, Los Angeles finally wins the bid- disappointing the proponents of building the museum in San Francisco. The city beat San Francisco even if there were rumors that Chicago was interested as well.

The Lucas museum will be showcasing the personal collection of George Lucas himself. There will be sections about photography, digital arts, illustrations, film, animation and even narrative painting as well. The museum is expected to have a gallery of 100,000 square feet and about 6-7 acres of green space.

The project is expected to be constructed at the Exposition Park and will be a museum like no other. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti has officially welcomed the museum by posting a welcome tweet saying that they are thrilled that the Lucas museum will in their area and they are happy for the new jobs that it will create.

This will not just be a Star Wars museum but according to Mayor Garcetti, this will also showcase other interesting Lucas collection. It is expected to house storyboards, costumes and other film-related displays which includes "The Wizard of Oz". All-time favorite "Casablanca" is also expected to have a special space in the Lucas Museum.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art board of directors have said that the museum will be joining the other facilities in the Los Angeles Exposition Park. The board has said that the Exposition Park is the best location for the museum as it will engage and educate "a broad and diverse visitorship."

The museum is expecting to welcome hundreds of thousands of foot traffic every year considering that the location is surrounded by over 100 schools and universities. If plans go well, the Lucas Museum will open its doors by the year 2020.

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