Kim Kardashian Endorses Morning Sickness Pill; Study Shows It Is Not What It Claims To Be?

By Marguerite Chang - 04 Jan '17 21:09PM

Kim Kardashian may have unofficially endorsed the morning sickness drug Diclegis, Pyridoxine-Doxylamine, as the answer to her morning sickness woes but not all of the Doctors agree of its potency and effectivity. Kim has been raving about Diclegis and shared in her Twitter account how the pill have helped her cope with her morning sickness.

Pyridoxine-Doxylamine has been prescribed to pregnant women since 1970 when it was developed. It is prescribed to women who are enduring morning sickness as the drug helps tamp down the vomiting and nausea when pregnant.

Tests have been conducted to really know the efficacy of the drug. University of Toronto's Dr. Rujun Zhang and Dr. Navindra Persaud of St. Michael's Hospital has reportedly poured over documents from the Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The test allowed 2,300 pregnant women who have been experiencing morning sickness to take part in the study. They were divided into eight groups. One group was given a placebo pill while seven groups receiving pills, either Pyridoxine-Doxylamine (Diclegis or Diclectin) or something else.

1,500 women completed the test and have said that they were 14% likely to experience the benefits of Pyridoxine-Doxylamine (Diclegis or Diclectin) than the placebo. The result of the test is inconclusive according to some health professionals as 37% of the people in the placebo group left the experiment even before it was concluded.

Persaud and Zhang have concluded that the study does not "demonstrate that the medication was effective". Dr. Navindra Persaud, a family physician, has stopped prescribing Pyridoxine-Doxylamine (Diclegis or Diclectin) to his patients. Instead, he has been telling pregnant women suffering from morning sickness to eat whatever food they want as long as it is safe for them. He is also encouraging women to look for natural ways to help ease their nausea and to look for other possible pills that can help them with their morning sickness.

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