Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Updates 2017: Wireless Charging & Ultra HD Display; Q1 Release Possible

By Maria Follet - 08 Jan '17 05:30AM

Microsoft seems to have a good start this New Year, along with the company's announcement of the sooner release of its Surface Pro 5. The company, being known for its superb products and services in the computer world, is now planning to release the new Surface Pro this first quarter of the year.

According from Indian Express, the newest Surface Pro 5 comes with other perks such as an Ultra HD Display, along with a stylus which is a magnetic charging one. Such innovation is being manufactured by a Taiwanese-known company Pegatron Technology. The company is said to be a strong workforce of manufacturers which produce a variety of technological products such as computers, tablets, and many others.

Pegatron Technology is not only prominent because of such products. It became more known because of its important role in building up the Surface Studios of Microsoft, as well as other products under the Surface Pros. Now, what are the new things to discover with this Surface Pro 5?

From a report at First Post, it is said that Surface Pro 5's stylus need no wires for charging once it reaches battery shutdown because of its magnetic charging feature. It's wireless and all it takes to be charged is through putting the stylus on the Surface Pro 5.

Further reports, particularly from Digitimes, tell that Microsoft listed Quanta Computer as one of the manufacturers of the Surface Pro 5. By far, these are just the information being disseminated by Microsoft as of this moment. So whether changes may take place or not for this newest offering of Microsoft, confirmation about possible alterations or improvements for this is still vague.

Technology has indeed raised its bars to the next level. In this fast-pacing world, who knows what will happen in the future.  Aside from that, chances of more competitive marketing will surely sprout because of the emergence and selling of manufacturers around the globe. What's important today is to make sure of choosing the right device that will be very beneficial in everything one has to do in everyday.

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