'Apple iPhone' To Have An AMOLED Display Which May Be Supplied By Samsung Display, What We Need To Know!

By Carrie Winters - 02 Jan '17 11:40AM

There are leaks that "Apple" is set to launch the biggest iPhones in 2017. It is also included in these leaks that "Samsung Display" is set to supply the AMOLED display for iPhones.

It is reported that "Apple" is set to launch iPhones 4.7, 5.5 and 5.8 inch by the second quarter of 2017. The same report indicates that the iPhone with the 5.8 inch uses the AMOLED display. The 4.7 and 5.5 inch models are to use the TFT-LCD display.

The shipment for AMOLED iPhones is estimated to reach up to 60-70 million units. It is reported that the AMOLED display panels may be supplied by Samsung Display. It may also be handled by TPK Holding and General Interface Solution based in Taiwan.

According to a report "Apple" is set to supersize the new iPhones in the coming years. As the new iPhones come out next year, Samsung is set to supply 20 million OLED displays every month. This may be enough to supply the estimated ne iPhones that may be released next year.

The new iPhone that has a 5.8 inch display may be similar to the size of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The size may include the curves and the edges of the new device. These leaks for the "Apple" iPhones new devices next year may be the biggest yet for the line.

Meanwhile the new Apple iPhone which may be released next year is called the iPhone 8. It may surpass the iPhone 7 line which has just been recently released by Apple. There are also other devices that will be revealed in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is also set to be revealed next year and is also a better one from Samsung. It seems that the upgrading of the different companies with their own smartphones is coming in fast every year. It is to be expected that there may be more to come as the years go by.

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