Oregon's Health Agency Stops Recreational Marijuana; Activists Worry Of Possible Trump Administration Opposition

By Maria Follet - 25 Dec '16 16:33PM

Legalizing marijuana as an effective medicine in the medical field has resulted in mixed reactions from the public. It has also created problems in the legal world especially in politics and government.

And now, several states in America have experienced difficulty in dealing with this issue. But what's more interesting? One state not just legalized the use of marijuana as a medicine, but also allowed lottery winners to participate in the medical marijuana industry.

PBS further reported that licenses were given to the prize winners of the lottery to operate or pursue marijuana medicine manufacturing. And accordingly, one of the qualifications is that an applicant for the marijuana business should be in a place where the medicine is said to be of utmost demand.

And, instead of looking for specific and qualified businessmen, they chose the lottery-way of picking persons who will be given "exclusive" licenses to operate marijuana businesses - with the condition that marijuana will be used for the medical field only and nothing more.

It is said that Marijuana business would make one's fortune more possible, especially for the businessmen. Kris Kane, as what she shared on PBS, had admitted that pursuing this kind of business can entice more cash. She added that it is normal for the marijuana business be growing because of its legalization to the medical field and business industry.

Now, in Oregon, marijuana being used for personal fun will be stopped according to the Oregon Health Authority. In a report, the said government agency had declared a stop for all recreational marijuana and granted permission only to medical marijuana. Such will be effective right on the first day next year 2017.

Aside from that, the agency had issued a memorandum stating that until March 31, 2017, applicants willing to pursue medical marijuana industry should already have secured medical marijuana processor license. But, the OHA particularly pointed those applicants who had applied before October 1 this year.

Marijuana hasn't only affected the business sector but now, the political world as well. It has been said that marijuana matters may result to negative impacts in the upcoming Trump Administration. Marijuana supporters fear that US President-elect Donald Trump's support of Senator Jeff Sessions may pose a challenge. The senator is well-known for his strong opposition to marijuana.

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