iPhone Latest TV App and More 100 Emojis In the Latest iOS 10.2; Pangu's Jailbreaking Tool for iOS 10.2 Still A No Go

By Maria Follet - 24 Dec '16 05:30AM

Apple gadget users are really after for continuous updates in their Operating Systems for smooth performance and to be able to enjoy more features of their gadgets. From iPhones to iPads, it has been a demand, a need of the users' part to have an iOS Update.

Now, news are circulating that iOS 10.2 can now be enjoyed by users who have Apple phones from iPhone 5 up to the recent one, ranging from iPad 2 to the most latest and among others. But, what's in store with this newest updating tool of the latest iPhone models?

Forbes listed some of the perks of this iOS 10.2. and one of those is the TV app. The Apple had decided to replaced the Video app with TV because of its capability now to download Hit TV series. And, it was enhanced, now with connectivity to iTunes and other third party apps. So, that makes the TV app more like a "Gallery" or media hub.

iOS 10.2 also boasts of additional 100 emojis and enhanced facial recognition so that tagging photos in the phone won't be a hassle anymore. Of course, this made the excitement of the iPhone users rise up to the extreme. And, downloading the OS won't be enough without jailbreaking.

It may not be like the actual stealing, but as the name implies, jailbreaking iOS had been so rampant, that it could be a problem to Apple Incorporated - t could really be a problem on their sales for instance.

From the name itself, jailbreaking, in the case of updating a new iOS, is a way of getting access to applications restricted by the Apple Store, since it doesn't allow some applications they perceived as not appropriate for download. Now, news about iOS 10 Jailbreaking App not to be released this week has upset some of the users of iPhone.

It's reported at the site Mobile & Apps that Pangu, a known group of hackers, are still silent as to when they will release a jailbreaking app for the new iOS 10.2. Moreover, the reputation of Pangu has becoming weak since the noted iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tool's "useless" performance.

Jailbreaking can be tagged as illegal because of its properties of being able to get access to banned apps on the Apple Store. And now, Apple Incorporated is finding new ways to deal with these hackings and continuous usage of jailbreaking apps.

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