'One Piece' Chapter 850 Latest Spoilers, News & Update: Who Attacked Reiju? Everything That We Need To Know!

By Carrie Winters - 23 Dec '16 05:30AM

There are hints that the Charlottes and Vinsmokes are to be in a big battle in "One Piece" Chapter 850. It is also speculated that Reiju's attacker will be revealed in this upcoming chapter of the anime series.

It is reported that there has been a meeting about Sanji and Pudding's wedding. Reiju and Sanji have not been present during the meeting and later on it was discovered that Reiju has been attacked. It is likely that the one responsible for Reiju's attack is to be revealed in "One Piece" Chapter 850.

There are already speculations that the ones responsible for Reiju's attack are the Charlottes or it may be a possibility that Big Mom is the one who attacked. It is likely that a battle between the Vinsmokes and the Charlottes will happen in "One Piece" Chapter 850.

 Reports also hinted that Pudding may have been the one to attack Reiju. She may have done this so to ignite anger from the Vinsmokes. Pudding has been trying to run away from her planned wedding with sanji in order to free Luffy and Nami. It seems that a big battle will be expected in "One Piece" Chapter 850.

There are also several other suspects responsible for Reiju's attack in "One Piece" Chapter 850. The reason behind the attack is still unknown and is likely to be answered in the upcoming chapter. Additionally, the Cake Island is almost finished and several twists of the story is to be revealed in the next chapters.

Meanwhile, it already has been reported that it is indeed Pudding to let Reiju suffer in "One Piece" Chapter 850. Pudding is also hinted to work with Sanji in order to free Luffy and Nami. Big Mom is to be in full outrage in the upcoming chapter because of the events that will unfold.

"One Piece" Chapter 850 continues with Sanji and Pudding's journey.

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