'Medical Marijuana' Dispensary Permits To Be Issued Starting Next Year! What We Need To Know!

By Carrie Winters - 23 Dec '16 17:28PM

"Medical Marijuana" dispensaries are to be issued in local counties. The application for permits will start next year.

It is reported that the application for Medical Marijuana dispensaries will be available on The Department of Health's website starting January 17. The applications submitted are being accepted by Feb. 20 and will be up until March 20. All those qualified will be issued permits by phase.

The first phase of the permits for "Medical Marijuana" dispensaries includes awarding 27 dispensary permits and 12 grower/processor permits. It is expected that there is enough competition in getting permits once this starts next year.

These "Medical Marijuana" dispensary permits are to be divided into six regions. The Department of Health is also looking at the project to be fully up and running in 2018. The dispensaries that are given permits can operate in three locations.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health already issued a press release that states of five "Medical Marijuana" dispensary permits to be issued for southwestern Pennsylvania. It is reported that two permits are to be issued in Allegheny. Butler, Washington and Westmoreland counties are to be issued one permit each.

Meanwhile, the approved "Medical Marijuana" dispensaries are allowed two secondary locations. It is reported that these locations cannot be in the same location as the main one. However, these secondary locations need to be in the same state.

To be able, to get the "Medical Marijuana" dispensary permit, the location needs to be 1000 meters away from a school or day care center. The dispensary also cannot be in another retail store. Additionally the dispensary cannot be in a doctor's office or in the same place where the plant is grown and processed. Those that are under 18 years of age can only enter a dispensary if accompanied by an adult.

There are different types of "Medical Marijuana" that can legally be taken. These are in forms of pills, oils, tinctures or ointments. It is indicated that marijuana cannot be smoked in dry leaf form.

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