Xbox Project Scorpio Expected To Surpass The Playstation 4 Pro With These Amazing Specs, Details Revealed Here!

By R. A. Jayme - 21 Dec '16 05:30AM

Speculations have surfaced that Xbox Project Scorpio will be launched in 2017. It was said that the project-console will not compete directly on the PS 4 Pro because it will be better than the PlayStation 4 Pro, according to Xbox Head Phil Spencer.

Meanwhile, the tentative price of the console announced by the Redmond company will be at the same price range of a premium gaming personal computer. Xbox One Scorpio will be likely priced similarly to the PS4 Pro, which retails for $364. It is highly unlikely that it costs more than $415, however Microsoft is yet to confirm anything.

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft is making some Xbox plans for available only for Xbox consumers. Xbox Project Scorpio will reportedly surpass PS 4 Pro's current feature of 4K console gaming. Xbox Project Scorpio is said to feature a powerful combination of Vega CPU hardware and AMD Zen CPU to enable native 4K high-performance gaming.

Further details revealed that the console is enable to produce 6 TFLOPs of computational power compared to PS 4 Pro's 4.2 TFLOP. It is to boast a 320GB of memory bandwidth, according to Zenxp.

Some rumors also suggest that the software company will not release any exclusives titles for the console. Microsoft was reported to have decided that all games that run on the Xbox One will work on Xbox Scorpio. That being said, the console would become a high-end and a premium product, according to Aaron Greenberg, Xbox marketing boss as reported by Alphr.

According to director of program management for Xbox Mike Ybarra, the new console will support the Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility program, as reported by Yibada.

Also, thanks to Microsoft's lovely Project Scorpio announcement video from various developers, we know that Scorpio is capable of transferring 320GB/sec. This means it's likely equipped with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM. For comparison, the PS4 can hit speeds of 176GB/sec and the Xbox One can hit just 68GB/sec.

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