Instagram News & Updates: New Feature Lets You Add Stickers To Your Post & More

By Kelly Callanga - 21 Dec '16 05:20AM

Instagram has been making its efforts to beat its rivals in social media like Snapchat. The social media application has just added another feature, which will let users add location, time, weather and emoji stickers to their posts.

Aside from the new sticker feature, Instagram also offers seasonal graphics in the application such as Christmas trees, Hanukah menorahs and a holiday candy cane paint brush in the application in the application for the holidays, Tech Crunch reports. Users may also now enjoy download and save their stories that were posted in the past 24 hours like Snapchat.

The social media application's new update will also introduce another feature that will let users record videos with just one touch and hands-free. This will be of big help to users who likes to take videos while playing instruments, or other activities that require using both hands.

The new Instagram stickers feature can be accessed by tapping the smiley icon located at the top right corner when taking a photo, and select the stickers they want to add. Users' posts may now also add multiple text fields when editing a photo or a video by pressing the text button, and can be resized as well, as reported by The Verge.

The news site also adds that the new sticker feature is just one of the new features Instagram recently launched that are similar to Snapchat's. Back in November, the social media application launched a new feature that lets users send self-destructing photos and videos to their followers.

According to TIME, Instagram users now also has the capability to save posts for later using a bookmarking tool, turn off comments, and remove followers given that their account is set up as private. The news site also adds that the stickers feature in social media applications has become widely popular, including Apple and Google who already has the feature in their own messaging applications.

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