‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Latest Update: New Episodes To Arrive In October 2017; King’s Real Abilities To Be Revealed

By Kara Wayne - 20 Dec '16 17:11PM

"One Punch Man" Season 2 will arrive in 2017 and speculations are rife that it will be released in October. Despite the high anticipation of fans for the installment to the popular anime, MadHouse Entertainment has been silent about the development of the animated series. As for spoilers, recent reports claimed that King's real powers will be unveiled while Saitama will turn to the dark side.

If the manga counterpart of "One Punch Man" will be considered, it seems that the spoilers are pertaining to the reveal of King's secret. Apparently, King is not the hero who he claimed to be. The truth is he is a mere video gamer who prefers to play more than anything, News Everyday reported.

However, "One Punch Man" Season 2 spoilers claimed that King will have greater powers than what Saitama possess. Could it be possible? Well, nothing can be confirmed until the second season of the anime releases next year.

Meanwhile, another theory stated that Saitama will become a supervillain for a while. Though it sounds unimaginable, the bald hero is said to face new enemies and may become villainous during the course of "One Punch Man" Season 2. However, readers are advised to take such speculations and theories with a grain of salt.

As mentioned above, if Season 2 of "One Punch Man" will take the plot of the manga, it will pick up from the events of the last episode where Saitama defeated Lord Boros. The story will then shift to King's real identity. Saitama will discover that King refused to fight Metal Bat because he is not a real hero.

To further explain, it was revealed on "One Punch Man" manga that the S-Clank Rank 7 hero of the Hero Association only took credits from Saitama. There was a time when he was about to be attacked by an enemy but the enemy just disappeared after he closed his eyes. Little he knew that it was Saitama who took down his attacker.

"One Punch Man" Season 2 is suggested to highlight more on King's story if it will not veer away from the plot of the manga. For now, fans may just need to wait until an official update has been released by the creators and MadHouse Entertainment. In the meantime, check out Lord Boros and Saitama's battle below.

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