‘Clash Of Clans’ Christmas 2016 Update: New Events, Arena, Reduced Epic Cards Cost Brought By ‘COC’ December Update; See Roundup Here

By Kara Wayne - 20 Dec '16 17:02PM

"Clash of Clans" Christmas 2016 update is here and we have a roundup of the treats coming from the game developer. The early Christmas gift brought by Supercell involves updates to the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Wizard Tower, Walls and Hog Riders. More improvements have been implemented so continue reading below to know the rest of the information.

According to TouchArcade, "COC" December update allowed Barbarian King and Archer Queen to go to Level 45 at Town Hall 11 while the Wizard Tower goes to Level 10. At Level 12, Walls will be up but players can only get up to 50 items. Hog Riders and Clan Castle go to Level 7 while Golems go at Level 6.

A report from Phone Arena detailed more features carried by the "Clash of Clans" Christmas 2016 update, including the Crown Duel Challenge that commenced on Dec. 19. Another event is also coming called the Electro Wizard Challenge that will launch on Dec. 23. Speaking of events, there will also be a Special Event Challenger that gamers can play in Friendly Battles.

Apart from events, the "COC" December update also caused the reduction of the cost of Epic Cards and increased the quantity of Epic Chests cards. Such Epic Chests also became scaled with the current Arena of players. Players are now also given four new cards but the cards will be released one by one every two weeks.

Additionally, a new legendary jingle has been implemented when players buy a Legendary Card from the Shop. "COC" December update also allowed players to see the summary of the chest contents upon opening. As for the inbox, it received a redesign and is now called News Royale.

"Clash of Clans" Christmas 2016 update also carried a Jungle Arena which is set to open on Jan. 13, 2017. Check out the livestream video below to get more information about the update. In the meantime, tell us your thoughts on the new "COC" December update in our comments section.

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