Xbox Store 2016 Countdown Sale Biggest So Far, Includes Over 350 Deals Like 'Final Fantasy XV,' 'Battlefield 1' & 'Watch Dogs 2'; Full Details Here

By Christon Jervil Ligon - 22 Dec '16 20:19PM

The video gaming community is regaled with numerous free content, rewards, and amazing deals every holiday season. And, the Microsoft team is throwing themselves into the gift-giving festivities with a generous endowment of their own.

For a cover period spanning close to three weeks, the Xbox Store will be offering great deals on various items like video games and apps for what the Xbox team referred to as their biggest sale ever. "Xbox Store 2016 Countdown Sale: Epic Games. Great Deals. No Lines."

The Xbox Store "Countdown" sale for 2016 will start off this coming Thursday, Dec. 22 and will last until the second week of January 2017. Apart from video game titles and apps, the deals will also cover movies, TV shows, and music.

Gamers will be delighted to know that there will be more than 350 deals to look forward to, and this include discounts for up to 60 percent off on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. Apart from at least 40 backward compatible games included in the 2016 Xbox Store "Countdown" sale, hit video game titles, such as "Final Fantasy XV," "Battlefield 1," and "Watch Dogs 2" will also be offered at a markdown price.

The video of the Xbox Store Countdown teaser shown below also included other titles like "Gears of War 4," "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare," "Skyrim: Special Edition," "Dead Rising 4," "Titanfall 2," and "NBA 2K17," GameSpot cited.

Other Great Offers For Xbox Live & Groove The Xbox Store 2016 Countdown Sale also includes deals for Xbox Live Gold membership. "Now is a great time to sign up for Xbox Live Gold. From December 21 - January 9, Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners can upgrade to Gold for $1 for the first month of membership," says the Xbox team.

A Groove Music Pass will also be given away in the Xbox Store Countdown Sale wherein those who try out Microsoft Groove for a free one month trial will be given a free pass for another three months. Check out this link for more details on this.

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