NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Moving To Other Team Due To Feud With Phil Jackson?

By Sam Will - 20 Dec '16 06:43AM

Carmelo Anthony is one of the best players in the NBA league today. However, there are rumors that New York Knicks might trade their small forward player. Read more to know the details. Carmelo Anthony and the president of New York Knicks, Phil Jackson are reportedly in a feud.

This triggers the speculations that Melo might be playing for another team as he will be traded before the deadline. The alleged feud started with the unlikely remarks of Phil Jackson to Carmelo Anthony, where the former described the latter as someone who can play Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant's role but holds the ball longer than the rule. Although some take the remarks negatively, it seems that Jackson has no ill intention of his statement.

"So he has a little bit of a tendency to hold the ball for three, four, five seconds, then everybody comes to a stop," Jackson told CBS Sports. However, the New York Knicks president added that this is among the things that they have been working on and Carmelo Anthony is cooperative. There is no bad blood between the two.

Meanwhile, New York Times reported that Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson had a meeting to clear the air. Melo shared that both of them had already said their piece. Anthony even went further and consulted Kobe Bryant who won five NBA championships with Lakers under Jackson and the Bryant just told him that Jackson was "going to talk" but he does not read too much into it.

As for the NBA trade rumors involving Melo, Fox Sports reported that the player should have been traded four years ago during the Linsanity era. In 2012, Jeremy Lin sent the NBA world on fire while Carmelo Anthony was out for a few weeks due to a minor injury.

If New York Knicks is trading Carmelo Anthony, there are a number of promising deals that the team should consider. They can go for Sacramento Kings' DeMarcus cousins, Dallas Mavericks' Andrew Bogut, Chicago Bulls' Taj Gibson or Philadelphia 76ers' Nerlens Noel, Inquisitr reported.

What do you think will New York Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony? Among the aforementioned teams, which do you think is the best swap for Melo? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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