Hold On! PokeMon Go Is Not Yet Cancelled For Apple Watch

By Mohender - 19 Dec '16 11:53AM

In a recent email, a representative from Niantic showroom revealed that the company might not develop the port of Pokemon Go for Apple watch until and unless the demand increases. It is like a shock for the fans as the popular game was coming for Apple watch and it was part of Apple keynote in September.

The Email Was Not Real

Reports on Fortune clarify that Niantic is now proving the email to be unreal. In fact, the company says that the development on Pokémon Go is still continuing. In an exclusive announcement, it was said that the megahit game may arrive for the Apple watch by the end of this year. It might have delayed because there was a little drop-off in the game after the release of the gangbusters debut.

Pokemon Go Is An Ideal Fit For Apple Watch

According to apple standards, the watch is not considered that good and Apple is also refusing to release the sales numbers. But it would be a nice experience to play the game on Apple watch as the game is meant to be played well on the go. The watch may allow the players to control many aspects of the game and they do not need to take out their phones.

As A Game Pokemon Go Was A Smash Success

Niantic is trying to tempt the players to play Pokemon Go time and again, this is the reason why the company is launching Pokemon Go for Apple watch. Niantic is continuously rolling out features like special one-day event and rewards if this app is used daily. This is done so as to drive the users towards the app, 9To5 Mac reports.

In case the Apple Watch Pokemon Go app does not arrive the users can download the original app from the app store and things would continue like normal.

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