New 'Rick And Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It' Comicbook Issues Will Be Based On Pocket Mortys, Release Date & Other Details Revealed!

By R. A. Jayme - 19 Dec '16 06:19AM

A new "Rick and Morty" comic book has been announced by Oni Press via Twitter. This will serve as an addition to their growing line of licensed comic books, "Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It". The new series is inspired by the popular "Pocket Mortys" mobile game. In the game, mostly similar to Pokemon GO, involves catching little Mortys and battle them instead of Pokemons.

The Series description, as provided by Nerd Span explains that the comicbook will have a five issue series. Morty, as the subject of the game braves himself to a quest to free himself and all the other Mortys from the possession of Rick. Rich collect mini-Mortys and would force them to battle one another for schmeckles and glory. Along his journey, Morty will discover the dark history of the Morty game, capability of Rick to do anything for victory.

The creative team for the mini-series is writer Tini Howard (The Skeptics, Power Rangers: Pink) serves as the writer for the mini-series. The creative team also includes: artist Marc Ellerby (Rick and Morty backup artist), and colorist Katy Farina (Steven Universe, Rick and Morty).

"Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It" will be released on July 5th, 2017. While waiting, fans can catch a preview in Oni's "Rick and Morty" FCBD 2017 Edition on Free Comic Book Day, May 6, 2017. Check out the first cover Below:

Meanwhile, EW sat with Howard, Ellerby, and Farina for an interview. When asked how do they explain the premise of this new comic? Howard elaborated that the premise of their story is how the readers see Morty from his perspective in that world. It will follow Morty through the world of "Pocket Mortys" and being a battle pet on the go and what that means.

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