‘One Piece’ Chapter 850 Latest News: Is Capone Reiju’s Attacker? No New Chapter To Release Until Next Week; See Release Date Here

By Kara Wayne - 18 Dec '16 23:04PM

"One Piece" Chapter 850 is expected to pick up in Whole Cake Island where the Yonkous and the Vinsmokes are happily preparing for Lady Pudding and Sanji's wedding. However, fans of the popular manga would have to wait longer than the usual to see the new installment of the current arc. This is because "One Piece" creator Eiichiro Oda would have to take another break for an undisclosed reason as of this posting.

The Whole Cake Island arc is still expected to see a few more chapters until it concludes in early 2017, News Everyday reported. It was revealed that the current arc is almost halfway done and the rest of the story will be told in a faster manner. For this reason, fans may finally see whether or not Sanji and Pudding will get married.

Additionally, Chapter 850 of "One Piece" may give some hints or actually name the culprit behind Reiju's attack. Speculations surfaced that Capone Bege could have possibly planted the attack to fulfill his personal mission to take down Big Mom. It can be recalled that "One Piece" Chapter 849 ended with a cliffhanger, showing Reiju who seems to have been beaten badly.

It was not revealed why and how the Vinsmoke lady got herself in trouble so that is something that fans need to find out on "One Piece" Chapter 850. As for the attacker, Capone is suggested to be a suspect because of his supposed intentions to overthrow Big Mom. The union between the Vinsmokes and the Yonkous is very precious to Charlotte Linlin as it could apparently make her more powerful.

Stopping the wedding could be a start to bring Big Mom down and prevent her from getting the military power she had wanted so bad. As discussed in a One Piece blog, Capone may have wanted to assassinate Charlotte and Pekoms even reminded him not to underestimate the Yoknkou. Do you believe that Capone could plot such a huge attack on the Vinsmokes and Big Mom?

"One Piece" Chapter 850, however, will see a delayed launch. The release date of the new chapter is set on Dec. 26 as per One Piece Podcast. In the meantime, tell us your thoughts about Reiju's attack on Chapter 849 of "One Piece." Who do you think did it?

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