‘Fairy Tail' Chapter 515 Latest Spoilers: How Did Eileen’s Dragon Transformation Affected Erza In Her Womb? Could Erza Forgive Her Mother?

By Kara Wayne - 17 Dec '16 09:40AM

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 515 is expected to arrive next week and spoilers for the upcoming chapter are making the rounds online. It seems that "Fairy Tail" manga viewers are excited to know how the story of Eileen will unfold especially after the recent revelation that the Dragon Slayer Magic began from her. Below are  s"Fairy Tail" Chapter 515 spoilers that are quite interesting to check on but fans are advised that these are merely theories and speculations that may not happen in the next chapter.

Chapter 515 of "Fairy Tail" manga is speculated to center on another huge revelation from Eileen. "Fairy Tail" Chapter 515 spoilers suggest that the former Queen of Dragons will continue the story of how the Dragon Slayer Magic changed her. It may also be explained how the magic affected Erza while she was still inside her mother's womb.

It can be recalled that Chapter 514 of "Fairy Tail" saw Eileen admitting to Erza that she was already bearing a child when the dragon seed started to sprout from her body. It was explained that the Dragon Slayer Magic she asked from Belserion caused some humans to be sickened while some were drawn to an unstoppable rampage. The others suffered a different faith as the dragon seeds that started sprouting from their bodies caused the beginning of their transformation into dragons.

It still remains to be seen how Eileen managed to look young after being born from years ago. "Fairy Tail" Chapter 515 spoilers say that the dragon slayer might also uncover the truth about her existence and why she had to part ways with her daughter. Interestingly, Eileen's transformation into a dragon may have forced her to let Erza go.

What's more thrilling to find out is how Erza would feel after knowing about her mother's past. Could Erza still find forgiveness in her heart? That's what fans need to find out when "Fairy Tail" Chapter 515 returns next week.

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