Users Claim MacBook Pro 2016 Battery Problem Is Fixed In the Latest MacOS Update; Battery Life Now Doubled

By Mara T - 17 Dec '16 06:24AM

Apple just released a new update MacOS 10.12.2 this week and users claim it has fixed the battery issues of their MacBook Pro 2016. After the update, users even say the battery life of their units has even doubled. This was after Apple received multiple complaints about MacBook Pro units with batteries draining sooner than it should be.

For some time now, 2016 MacBook Pro has had a lot of complaints about its poor battery life. The unit was supposed to last up to 10 hours but many are saying their unit only lasts up to 5 hours max. Even have shared their experience with the faulty battery life of the unit. According to them, their MacBook Pro seemed to work well and doesn’t consume much power for some tasks but then there are times that the power just disappeared.

Fortunately, Apple has already come up with a solution and released a new update MacOS Sierra 10.12.2. The new update did not just improve the battery life but also removed the battery life indicator of the OS. Now when users click on the battery icon in the menu, they will only see an estimate of how much battery power is left in the unit. The estimate is based on which applications are open and how much work is the processor doing.

Apple is said to have dropped the battery indicator because its estimate may not be effective because the power indicator can go up and down based on the applications used and open at the moment. Apple also cleared that there were no issues with the hardware that caused the problem so the update effectively fixes the battery problems.

And now after the update, users are more satisfied with the performance of their MacBook Pro. One user says "Before the update was getting 7-9 hours with 50-60% brightness. Now getting >10 hours with 70-75% brightness with the same workload”

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