Super Mario Run: Release Date And Price, And iOS

By Rishikesh - 15 Dec '16 07:28AM

'Super Mario Run' is a side-scrolling, auto-runner platformer video game produced by Nintendo for Andriod and iOS devices. Super Mario Run is set to be released on iOS devices on 15 December 2016. And will be launched for Andriod in early 2017.

For years, Mario has been available only on Nintendo platforms, all the way from NES to Wii. The new Super Mario Run is set to launch around the globe and will be available to download through Apples iOS system. Users will need to have iOS version 8.0 to download the game.

Andriod users will have to wait for some time to receive their version. A trail version of Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free, but fans will have to pay around $10 to play the full version. The game's size is 1.5 MB and will be available in multiple languages, including English, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian, according to Apple Store.

According to the statement from Nintendo, the game will also require an internet connection to enhance the feature and users experience. Players can use the internet connection to access other users play data and scores. Players would also be able to participate in special limited game events that would offer new and fresh obstacles and rewards.

In the game, players control Mario as he runs automatically from left to right. The player will have to tap the screen to make Mario jump. The longer the screen is touched, the higher the Mario jumps. The player must manoeuvre Mario over gaps, onto enemies, and into coins to collect them.

Players can expect the game to look and play like the original Nintendo game that first launched in the early 80's. Players can also look forward to various modes, including World Tour, which lets players tour caverns, castles, haunted houses and more, and Toad Rally where players can compete against their friends or other players.

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