'Yuri On Ice' Spoilers, News & Updates:Episode 11 Spoilers, Yuri In Grand Prix Finals; How Is He Dealing With His Anxiety?

By Leby Nightray - 15 Dec '16 05:27AM

The "Yuri on Ice" anime have been working on its way to an exciting turn of events for the life of Yuri Katsuki and the others. The Grand Prix, with Yuri and Victor, caused a lot of people to remain glued on the anime. (Spoilers ahead)

In "Yuri on Ice" before the Grand Prix finally begins the rest of the skaters and Yuri strolled around the Spain while Victor was joined by Chris in a pool. After some time, Yuri was seen in his bed still feeling bad about his performance, the mistake that placed a heavy burden on his shoulder. Yuri Katsuki's emotions and thoughts caused fans to know that he is very serious about winning the competition and winning it might also be for Victor.

The teaser for "Yuri on Ice" on Episode 11 gave out some important events. First, the episode will feature Christophe Giacometti, Otabek Altin, Phichit Chulanont, Yuri Plisetsky, Jean-Jacques Leroy, and of course Yuri Katsuki. It was also shown that Yuri will be wearing the golden ring he bought in his skating programs and an amazed Yuri Plisetsky who might be surprised because someone pulled off a difficult stunt and fans are hoping it's Yuri. However, the episode teaser also showed that Victor is worried about something which is most likely about his retirement.

The anime "Yuri on Ice" is not just about giving what animes usually give to the audience, entertainment. This anime featured some true emotions like mental health issues which are anxiety. The indicators could be his performance anxiety, the way he doesn't acknowledge his world known talent, his continuous mourning with his pet's death and binge eating. This mental issues caused some to conclude that the real antagonist of the show is himself rather than the competitors.

"Yuri on Ice" had proven that this anime is not about fighting like in a combat to be popular. This featured a lighthearted and funny story about Yuri's passion and his character which pinned down to a genre of sport/romantic comedy anime. 

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