"I'm Gay" Confession by Irish Priest Applauded

By Ashwin Subramania - 10 Jan '15 06:48AM

Dublin Priest, Father Martin Dolan received a standing ovation when he urged his congregation to vote 'Yes' in this year's Irish referendum for same sex marriages. Father Dolan has been the priest at the Church of Myra on Francis Street for 15 years, when he revealed last Saturday during his sermon by adding, "I'm gay, myself". The unexpected statement was met by a round of applause followed by a standing ovation from his parishioners.

Meanwhile, Father Dolan on his part has remained available for comment and is currently on a pre-planned holiday. He is however expected to return to his parish soon. With the recent announcement, Father Dolan has also courted considerably controversy and some have already called for his removal.

Gay equality groups in Ireland have praised the priest's decision to come out in open while the Archdiocese of Dublin has refused to make a comment until he has spoken to Father Dolan. Youth Community worker Liz O Connor while speaking to the Irish Sun, said, "I wouldn't like to see him being moved for the statement he made. That would be horrendous"

"He should be supported. He has done nothing wrong. If he's moved, there would be uproar in this parish. He's still the same man today. Martin has always been an advocate of people's rights, and even spoke about the child abuse in the Church" added O'Connor.

A referendum is scheduled to take place in May later this year in support of same sex marriages in Ireland. Current poll estimates show that more than 70 per cent of the Irish people are in favour gay marriages with even the government advocating people to vote 'Yes' for marriage equality. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Ireland has been a vocal opponent and showed it disdain for gay marriages during the December referendum in 2014.

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