Alien Infrastructures On Planet Mars Spotted By NASA Photos; Red Planet Said To Be New Home Of Aliens?

By Carl Anthony - 15 Dec '16 06:28AM

Some sources, most of them are Alien or UFO aficionados were raising their claims that there is a proof of life in the fourth planet from the Sun, Mars. The said evidence was some of the Red Planet's images that showed mile-tall infrastructures that were perfectly organized and aligned.

Enthusiast then made their own theories of the interesting and attention grabbing discovery. 2016 is clearly the year for Mars as many claims and fascinating proof were revealed. Mars was under the spotlight after a video from the channel Mundodesconocido was posted on YouTube.

The creator of the video discussed the spotted images of Mars and claimed that it was not a coincidence as the said huge towers found in Terra Meridiani were showing an advance technology. The video also showed the 3D animation of the towers and more images were released to the public that was claimed gathered from Mars Odyssey Mission and Mars Global Surveyor.

Claims about UFO geeks seeing things that they shouldn't is the result of pareidolia, a type of apophenia which is a psychological phenomenon where the mind perceives a familiar pattern when none actually exist. A blog also revealed the theory of the possible life and City in Mars captured by NASA. The blogger brought the people back through the previous years where images of the structures have quadrupled and some objects appeared like it's carved or is created.

The creator of the UFO Sightings blog, Scott Waring, shared his own views of the tower. He explained that there are a lot of things to be discovered on Mars and the posted video was an amazing example. Waring also believed that the towers were tough and would be a great base for humans if no one is found occupying the place.

Agencies were also on their heads as they plan on sending mankind to Mars to discover the things that do exist on the planet. On the other hand, founder and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk has also planned to set his first ever capsule in Mars with a human crew in 2024.


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