'Steven Universe' Season 4 News, Updates: Boom! Studios Releases New 'Steven Universe' Graphic Novel; Show To Resume On January 2017

By Maria Follet - 14 Dec '16 16:38PM

Several reports have surfaced stating that "Steven Universe" Season 4 will resume by January next year. This means, fans might not see any episode of the show within this month.

After a two-month hiatus, makers of "Steven Universe" released two episodes - the "Gem Harvest" and the "Three Gems and a Baby". Several reports say that the month of December is not a good season for TV shows since it is difficult to keep up with the schedules of viewers due to holiday events. Avid viewers at this time of the year might be taking long breaks from work or doing a lot of special events for different occasions.

Rumors say "Steven Universe" cannot risk another bump along their road since it got low ratings in their recent releases. Reportedly, "Gem Harvest" earned only around 1.385 million viewers. Meanwhile, the numbers got worse when "Three Gems and a Baby" aired. The latest episode made a 99 thousand jump from its previous rating and only garnered 1.286 million viewers.

There are no confirmation yet from Cartoon Network nor from creators of the show whether "Steven Universe" Season 4 will air on January and it is likely that the show will take another hiatus from television airing.

Good news for followers of "Steven Universe" and graphic novels lovers, though. Boom! Studios released "Steven Universe and The Crystal Gems: Three Gems and a Teen" comic book. Inspired by the series, the first chapter of the new "Steven Universe" comic book series will mostly comprise how the Three Gems will show their maternal instincts. After figuring out that Steven will never act like them, The Gems have understood to just allow Steven to work out things the way he should do it (and this was highly witnessed during "Steven Universe" last episode, "Three Gems and a Baby").

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