The United Nations Ended Wonder Woman's Fight Against Gender Inequality and Women Empowerment

By Mary Lourd - 14 Dec '16 16:20PM

The United Nations ended its campaign with the DC Comics heroine to promote gender equality. Wonder Woman has been declared an honorary ambassador to fight gender-based violence. The less than two months of service has set the UN to end her fight after gathering outcries of protest.

Wonder Woman is a fictional heroine fighting villains, battling injustice, rescuing victims and unearthing evil plans. The DC Comics Diana Prince is the Amazonian superheroine Wonder Woman which first appeared in December 1941. DC Entertainment was pleased with the global empowerment of the fictional heroine.

Critics said that the appointment was inappropriate because it feels like patronizing a comic book mascot to lead the serious issues of women's advancement. Some people cried out that if UN is taking genuinely serious about gender inequality, the international body would start to elect an actual woman to lead the fight. Wonder Woman gathered nearly 45,000 signatures against her role as the UN ambassador.

The main goal was to use Wonder Woman in an empowerment campaign for women and girls into 2017. The comic heroine was appointed last October 21 and set to end her role on Friday. The hero symbolized feminism, however, the sexualized appearance seized to deem the inappropriate choice. Some critics explained that thigh and cleavage wardrobe made it difficult to raise awareness.

Although Wonder Woman stands for peace, justice, and equality, many believed that the character might influence the world to embrace the scantily clad character in a sexy bodysuit. Critics pointed out that the issue requires moral courage and intellectual substance to persuade the fight.

It is quite disappointing that the UN was unable to find a real life woman to stands against the issue of gender equality and fight for women empowerment. Previously, the UN appointed Winnie the Pooh as an honorary Ambassador of Friendship in 1998 and the green fairy Tinker Bell as the honorary Ambassador of Green in 2009.


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