LGBTQ Hate Crime: A Long Running Plight of LGBTQ in the Country. Why Is The US Attorney General Loretta Lynch So Concerned?

By Michael Davis - 14 Dec '16 15:45PM

Attorney General Loreta Lynch is standing and speaking for the LGBTQ plight in the United States. She feels that hate crime, bullying, and stigma is caused by ignorance.

Loreta Lynch is the US Attorney who said, "So much of what we see in terms of hate crimes or bullying or bias stems from ignorance. It stems from fear." She added, "It stems from labeling someone else as different, labeling someone else as 'other,' not realizing that we're all different."

It was in open discussion with Harvey Milk High School telling the students how vital it is for LBGTQ equality and the reason she doesn't stick to the traditional civil rights issue. She believes that the forefathers did not just fight for the Black Americans or their religious choice. Human rights are for everyone and there are no exemptions.

She expressed, "the principles that we talked about, that my parents and grandparents fought for weren't just for women or southerners or black people-they were for everyone." It should be everybody's mission that everyone is given the chance to participate and express who they really are.

Soon, her term as the US Attorney will end along with President Obama. Each administration may, in fact, have their own agenda on different issue and situations, but it does not mean that the issue of the LGBTQ will fade and go away. It will be the same issue but different priority.

It is for the people to continue in continuing awareness. LGBTQ are family and friends, workmates and classmates, they are neighbors. It is for the society and the government to provide them a safe space and an accepting community to live.

The Obama LGBTQ Legacy advanced its mission to a different agency, implementing policies providing a safe haven in work, equal protection before the law, and so on. The advocacy has not been completed and it is for the incoming President Donald Trump to continue what has been started.

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