iOS Is Indeed Replaceable, Google Makes Switching To Android Easier, Find Out Here!

By R. A. Jayme - 14 Dec '16 06:30AM

Good news for everyone who wish to switch from iOS to Android. Google have just updated their website regarding ways for iOS users transferring to Android.

It is common knowledge that core technologies for the transfer consist of the Google suite of applications - namely Google Drive, Google Contacts, Google Calendar and Google Photos. The introduction of the Google Pixel, which included an adapter that allowed customers to connect their iPhone to the Google Pixel in order to transfer data to the new Google smartphone is simply followed by the Google website.

The highlight and innovative part of the process in switching from iOS to Android is that Google have updated the process of the Google Drive application for the Apple iOS platform to be used easier. Users can easily install the migration tool by installing Google Drive onto their Apple iPhone.

As reported by Android Headlines, after ensuring that the Google Drive application is installed onto the iPhone, customers need to sign in and simply navigate to the Backup option, confirm what should be saved and tap "Start Backup." The instructions detail that the process could take some time so customers are recommended to have their iPhone plugged in and connected to the Wi-Fi.

Currently, some information such as text messages cannot be included in the backup and cannot be restored, so in order to complete this method customers may need to use the USB OTG adapter to connect their iPhone to their new Android device.

Customers just simply need to sign back into the same Google account when setting up the new Android device in order to restore data. Once this is done, Google Sync will either restore the data back to the Android account (in the case of Google Calendar and Google Contacts) or the new Android device will have access to the data via the respective application (such as Google Photos), according to Slash Gear.

Google will launch the new Google Drive iOS Backup service right before the holidays. Google may have foreseen that many iPhone users will be gifted with a Google Pixel this gift-giving season.

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