‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 71, 72 Spoilers, News: Is Hit Capable Of Killing Goku? English-Dubbed ‘DBS’ Confirmed To Air On Adult Swim

By Kara Wayne - 13 Dec '16 18:41PM

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 71 and 72 are suggested to highlight a battle between Son Goku and Hit. Speculations surfaced that Goku might be defeated by the deadly assassin based on "DBS" episode 71 title "Goku Dies! An Assassination Order That Must Be Performed." Is Hit capable of killing the main protagonist in the hit anime TV series?

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 71 spoilers claimed that it is likely for Goku to survive the upcoming episode of the TV anime. However, the Super Saiyan could possibly die on the 72nd episode of "DBS." It because of the title of "DBS" episode 72, "Counter-attack? An Invisible Assassination Skill," hints a possible continuation of Goku and Hit's fight where the assassin might fulfill his mission.

In the official synopsis of "DBS" episode 71 released by Gojiitaaf, it was revealed that an enemy has employed Hit to kill Goku. It was also hinted that Goku might not be able to initially identify that the assassin who is going after him is Hit. It also remains to be seen if Goku and his team will be able to figure out who is behind the assassination order given to Hit.

Interestingly, Hit is a very strong fighter and based on his previous battles, the hitman could potentially defeat Goku if he will not hold back during the fight. For this reason, "DBS" fans are now speculating whether the creator of the anime would actually end the Saiyan's character in the popular animated series. Do you also believe that Goku could possibly die soon?

Meanwhile, fans of "Dragon Ball Super" will be delighted to know that an English-dubbed version of the anime will be available as part of the Toonami block on Adult Swim. The TV anime is expected to air on Jan. 7 at 8:30 p.m. ET as reported by Polygon. Adult Swim is suggested to air 26 English-dubbed episodes of "DBS."

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 71 air date is set on Dec. 18 while episode 72 will air on Dec. 25. In the meantime, check out the English-dubbed version of "DBS" sneak peek on Adult Swim below. Are you excited to watch the English-dubbed "Dragon Ball Super?"

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