CES 2015: You Can Get an Apple Watch Clone For Just $60

By Kamal Nayan - 09 Jan '15 01:03AM

While Apple is yet to announce the release date for its Watch, clones of it has already popped up. Near identical clone of Apple Watch, which costs $350, can be bought just for $60. The copy of Apple Watches were seen at several Chinese manufacturers' stall in the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

According to the representatives of companies showing off the duplicate Apple Watches, these devices ran a version of Google's Android, tweaked to look more like Apple Watch interface.

However, there were not just duplicate copies of Apple Watches, but devices bearing uncanny resemblance to Samsung's Gear Smart watches, fitness trackers were also spotted.

The knock offs of high end devices are common in Shenzhen, where shopping malls in the neighborhood of Huaqiang Bei are stocked with 'Noklas' and 'Samsumgs' including Apple i5, i6, and i7 devices.

However these clones wont see markets in the U.S. for obvious lawsuit-related reasons. And these can hardly make any difference to the iDevices sales. This is not the first time that copies of Apple products have surfaced. iPhone and iPad knock offs have only made little difference for Apple.

"These products would never leave China," says Ben Bajarin, tech analyst with Creative Strategies. "But you're going to see a flood of these low-cost Android smart watches in China. They are using the design as an entry point - it's easier for them to copy."

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