Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Fights Against Fake News; How To Report Fake News Sites

By Maria David - 12 Dec '16 10:04AM

The sword of war has been unsheathed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg against every fake news site plaguing the internet. The topic has been the subject of public demand since numerous politically-slanted articles spread on social media, which could have affected the 2016 United States Presidential Elections as per Politico.

According to a survey by Buzz Feed News, many people are now using Facebook as their main source for the latest news and updates where as news articles from external news sites are shared on social media. However, it is inevitable to be exposed to fake news as the sharing of such links is free to do, that was true, until now. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has had enough of the fake news that is openly shared on the social media platform he created, and thus fake news can now be reported.

Moreover, this preventive measure was much needed during the 2016 Presidential Elections due to the fact that numerous politically-slanted news articles were spread all over Facebook, which could have affected the tides of the election. Most Facebook users would easily believe what they see on the trusted social media platform, may it be a Death Hoax post with a visibly suspicious link, it will be shared along with "R.I.P." statuses.

To counter this plague of fake news, Facebook now has an option to report these posts, ultimately detecting the site source. As per Engadget, all the user has to do in order to report fake news is to select that "I think it shouldn't be on Facebook" option then select "It's a false news story." It is worth mentioning that there is also an option to report it for "It goes against my views" which is entirely different from a fake news story.

As the saying goes, Don't believe everything you see on social media, that includes news stories shared on Facebook. Make sure to check the source as it is relatively easy to share misguided and opinion changing articles that have no reputable basis. Stay tuned to News Everyday for the latest news and updates.

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