Bill Belichick on the Cold: ‘We’re Practicing Outside’

By Cheri Cheng - 08 Jan '15 14:03PM

Temperatures have dropped drastically this week and although many people are bundling up and staying inside as much as possible, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have embraced the cold.

After being asked numerous times during Thursday morning's press conference about the brutal weather, the coach simply replied, "We're playing outside, we're practicing outside."

When reporters asked Belichick whether or not he would hold the final practice of the week inside Dana Farber Field House, he replied with a one-word answer, "No."

The weather questions did not stop there.

Belichick was asked about the team's mental preparation for the weather, to which he replied, "What mental side of it? We practice in it and whatever we practice in, I'm sure we at some point play in it. We've practiced in everything this year - hot, cold, windy, still, day, night, rain. Whatever it is, it is."

He was also asked about how their punter Ryan Allen will adjust to kicking in frigid conditions. Belichick responded, "Whatever it is, it is. We just need to execute whetever we have in whatever conditions we're playing and we practice in all of them."

Reporters managed to ask questions about the weather that were not related to this weekend's match. One reporter asked what was the coldest game that Belichick can recall. Once again, instead of answering the question directly, Belichick stated, "There's been a few, but I don't think any of them really matter. I'm just trying to get ready for Baltimore.

Belichick's press conference can be viewed here.

The Patriots are hosting the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Divisional Round on Saturday with a 4:35pm kickoff. The weather is projected to be chilly but not as cold as these past few days have been.

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