'House Of Cards' Season 5 Air Date, News & Updates: No Beau Willimon Means There's No More Season 5?

By R. A. Jayme - 12 Dec '16 05:30AM

"House Of Cards" Season 5 is facing a great and unfortunate rumor. Many speculate that the fifth season of the show is now canceled. The reason for the rumor to surface is allegedly the exit of showrunner Beau Willimon.

"House Of Cards" showrunner Willimon has been reported to have resigned from the show last year. According to Traveler's Today, the "House of Cards" creative team currently faces difficulty creating an exciting and interesting story with the absence of Willimon. Willimon, apparently, almost run the whole show as he is the creator, former executive producer and screenwriter as well.

It was reported by Heat Street that Willimon exited the series due to internal creative disputes within how the show is managed. Currently, Willimon is focusing on a progressive political organization called the "Action Group Network". This is a manifestation of his anti-Trump beliefs, as reported by Heatst.

"House Of Cards" gained critical acclaim while on its four years of airing. This is largely due to Willimon and this resulted in winning numerous awards and nominations. Thus, the question stands: Will "House Of Cards" Season 5 still prosper without Willimon?

Replacing Willimon are the current executive producers, Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese. Traveler's Today also reported that the cast are unsatisfied with the storyline of the fifth season which strays away from the original story of the previous seasons. Thus, the current showrunners are struggling to deliver a satisfying story to maintain the show's credibility.

Meanwhile, many disputed the cancelation rumors since it was already announced that two new cast members, Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott, will be joining the series. This news iterated that the series will indeed hopefully return on February or March 2017. However, as their roles are not yet confirmed, there is still a possibility that the fifth season of "House of Cards" will be canceled.

Stay tuned for more updates of "House of Cards" Season 5.

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