'Microsoft Surface Phone' Release Date, News & Update: Patent Design Says Goodbye To Headphone Jack & Hello To Stylus Pen?

By R. A. Jayme - 12 Dec '16 05:30AM

With the numerous teasers and speculations of Microsoft's Surface Phone, the hype continues as waiting fans wonder what the final product will be. Amazing specs were rumored that even before its release, it has already won the approval of smartphones-enthusiasts. Some even claim that Microsoft's Surface Phone cannot be compared to the iPhones of Apple and the Galaxy Series of Samsung.

The new patent design for Microsoft Surface Phone has been filed. The patent's design allegedly showcased that on the top of the phone is a slot for a stylus. No further information has been revealed such as how the alleged stylus of the Surface Phone will work. With the recent innovation of the Surface Pro, Universal Windows 10 app, that supports Pen input, will reportedly work fine with the Microsoft Surface Phone, according to Tom's Guide.

Screen Sketch, Sketchpad and Sticky Pad are some of the features in the Windows Ink Workspace. If the stylus-slot is indeed true, then Microsoft Surface Phone will also disregard a headphone jack. This means audio output could be delivered via USB Type-C ports, similar to Apple iPhone 7 and rumored to be the same with Samsung Galaxy S8.

On the other hand, Windows Central otherwise claims that the patent design reflects a stylus-slot but it is apparently for the 3.5mm headphone jack. In addition, the design entails that Microsoft Surface Phone will continue with its Windows Hello facial recognition feature as it seems not to feature a fingerprint scanner or a camera button.

The fall of 2017 is the expected date of its release and Microsoft Surface Phone will reportedly sport the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 512GB storage space and 8GB RAM. It reportedly also boasts a full desktop-grade Windows 10 installation capability for such a small device.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could come powered by Intel's Kaby Lake processor. This would surely be an upgrade from the existing Skylake chipset. The device may also come equipped with a Surface Pen. A new dock in the main device will charge the Pen. USB Type-C ports may also be included, according to International Business Times.

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