HBO GO Makes Its Way Into VR ON Google Daydream; Netflix May Arrive soon

By Mohender - 09 Dec '16 07:29AM

It seems that Google's Daydream View handset is having a promising future. In the past month, it was noticed that applications like YouTube and Hulu are gaining support and they are able to add features for Google's virtual reality platform.

Google is expanding the Daydream platform while introducing 10 new applications including Need For Speed, HBO GO, Now, and Netflix.

Reports on AZ Central suggest that Google has announced the introduction of new titles. Most notable among these titles include HBO GO and HBO Now. HBO subscribers will be able to watch Westworld, Game of Thorns and other series on a virtual big screen as they would be wearing daydream everywhere.

The users will also be able to watch live sporting events and concerts on the VR app when such events are broadcasted on Virtual Reality through this app. Daydream requires the use of Smartphone possibly Pixel and pixel XL. Smartphones like Moto Z and Moto Z-Force from Motorola and Lenovo have also made their compatibility with Daydream

It's time to sit back and relax as viewers can now stream their favorite TV shows and movies from HBO Go, Netflix, and HBO Now. 9To5 Google reports that daydream users will have an access to 50 games, media streaming applications and 360-degree video experiences which can be enjoyed on virtual reality.

Games like Need for Speed No limits VR, and LEGO Brick Heads builders VR have been announced. Amd Lego fans can now build Virtual Lego BricksHeads characters in the builder VR title. Other games available on VR include Layers of Fears: Solitude, Underworld Overlord, Wands, and Gunjack 2: End of Shift.

An announcement has been made by Google stating that there is an availability of limited edition Crimson version of Daydream view along with Snow Daydream view.

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