CES: LG Announces Smartwatch That Can Control Audi Cars

By Kamal Nayan - 07 Jan '15 13:24PM

If you are bored from learning about the new launches in the realm of laptops, tablets and other wearables, here's something that you might find interesting.

In the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES), LG has announced a new smartwatch exclusively for Audi cars. The new smartwatch looking similar to LG G Watch can control the Audi cars effortlessly.

In the demonstration, the new smartwatch from LG was able to start the Audi Prologue's engine, simply by a tap. The smartwatch was also used by an Audi official to drive the car for a short distance.

LG's new watch for Audi runs on Google's Android Wear, but reportedly Audi has also added an extra layer of UI that handles everything. The watch sports a new metal face, along with a leather strap. The watch connects with car through NFC.

Both the companies are working together to make the interaction between the watch and car more safe and secure.

LG added that the new watch can lock the Audi car, tweak climate control settings and operate the stereo. Watch also equips features from the traditional smartwatches, including monitoring driver's temperature and heart rate.

Audi noted that it will also work with other technology companies such as Nvidia and Samsung to further advance the tech used in their cars.

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