Microsoft's Real Desktop App May Finally Arrive To Mobile ARM Processors, Thanks To Windows 10

By Mohender - 08 Dec '16 06:45AM

Microsoft and Qualcomm have announced that Windows 10 will be getting support for ARM chipsets. To be specific this would happen to Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC's. These devices may arrive next year.

Windows 10 Will Be Able To Emulate Traditional Desktop Apps

If such a thing happens device creators will be allowed to build tablets, phones, and laptops which support millions of existing applications in the windows world, The Verge reports. At the initial stage, Microsoft will support the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processors and the first devices to be seen in the market next year would be the laptops.

Windows Phones Were Facing Compatibility Issues

Windows RT couldn't manage to escape the gasping environs of Microsoft's universal apps. Though Microsoft attempted to connect its various platforms but it led to frustrations within the windows community. Currently, Microsoft is focusing on Windows-on-ARM relationship which will allow a new class of mobile PC users with superior battery life and phones might run on traditional windows easily, PC World reports.

Possibility Of A light Weight Laptop With Good Battery Life

Microsoft will enable Windows 10 to support the ARM chips directly while building an emulator into the operating system. Hence devices would be able to run x86 win 32 applications like Photoshop or Chrome. Microsoft may not emulate x64 variants of these apps.

Huge investments are expected on Cellular connectivity and ARM processors as both of these are unique features of Windows 10 mobile. The company will pick devices having cellular connectivity.

Microsoft believes that the new Qualcomm-powered PC will be able to enter into the corporate domains. In fact, they would become much more than consumer devices. The emulator might not run on current hardware. Hence users have to wait until the end of 2017 to know how well all this works.

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