SpaceX Update: Elon Musk Finds New Partner In Mars Mission

By Erika Ivene - 08 Dec '16 06:00AM

SpaceX owner, business tycoon, and "Iron Man of California," Elon Musk, might be having a new partner for his Mars Mission. Is Musk ready to share the title for the first Mars conqueror?

Elon Musk has always been vocal and active when it comes to his plans on getting to Mars. There were also many attempts in the past that resulted to one major problem recently, the explosion of the SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.

However, amidst a number of controversies, Musk is still firm in his stance to be the first private man to set foot on, or at least launch one of his machines to, Mars. There won't be any doubt that Musk and his SpaceX team can do that, but can he really make it alone? Or will he need someone to share the load with?

Former reports, state that Musk had opportunities open with either Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg or Verizon's Lowell McAdam. Although there are no further confirmations if the talk among these tech giants really took place. And if it did, there are no final reports of what has come out of it.

Meanwhile, there's yet again another big businessman who eyes to engage Elon Musk in his future space plans. Naveen Jain of the Moon Express shared with the CNBC his plans of connecting with Musk regarding his vision on conquering Mars.

Jain has a huge goal of colonizing other planets for the Earth before other planets do so the Earth. His Moon Express also focuses on a 10-year plan to make visits to the moon commercially available to ordinary people. However, it's not only SpaceX's Musk that he eyes partnering with. Jain also considers partnering with Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos, reports the Gospel Herald.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that even President-elect Donald Trump sees a future of colonizing Mars. Although this plan has no finality yet, NASA and other Mars-enthusiasts are beginning to get a scare of what will probably happen should Trump want a sole authority over Mars.

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