'Fairy Tail' Chapter 514 "The Origin Of The Dragons" Spoilers, Theories, & Predictions: Ezra Is Natsu's Sister? Chapter 513 "Flower Circle" Recap

By Rita Mendoza - 07 Dec '16 18:48PM

Ezra's identity is starting to unravel as "Fairy Tail" Chapter 513 revealed the shocking truth about her past in the episode entitled "Flower Circle." Major fan theory has been confirmed in this chapter but the mystery is still intact, leaving fans with even more imaginative guesses. (Spoiler Alert! The following contains "Fairy Tail" Chapter 513 Recap and Chapter 514 Spoilers.)

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 513 "Flower Circle" Recap: As Sting and Larcade's battle ensued, Larcade was left defeated and unconscious. Sting and Rogue were fine, the other guild members were fine as well, except Natsu who was MIA at the time. The highlight of this chapter is the revelation of Ezra's identity.

As Ezra and Wendy battle against Irene, she was able to dodge all of Ezra's attack, including the attack using multiple swords. When asked who she is, Wendy realized that not only were their faces alike but their scents as well. Irene reveals her identity saying, "I'm your mother." Ezra recalls she was alone in Rosemary believing all along that she didn't have parents. As Irene insists, Ezra said her only parent is her Master, Makarov.

Irene then answered that she doesn't care and that she also thought her daughter was dead. They both pronounced each other as enemies, opposing both their guilds. As Irene continues speaking, she is keen on revealing the mystery of Ezra's birth. While Ezra couldn't care less, Irene announced that her name is Irene Belserion, and she was formerly the queen of all dragons.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 514 "The Origin Of The Dragons" Spoilers, Predictions & Fan Theories: Fans seem to think that there is a bigger connection with Irene and Ezra. In the earlier "Fairy Tail" chapter, Wendy observed that they both have the same scent, leaving some to conclude that they could be a biological clone.

Who is the father of Ezra? Another mystery that might unfold in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 514 entitled "The Origin Of The Dragons" could be Ezra's father. Some believe that since Irene is formerly the queen of all dragons, the father of Ezra could be Igneel, the Fire Dragon King. Could Ezra be the foster sister of Natsu?

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