'House Of Cards' Season 5 Air Date & News: Fifth Season Will Be Unpredictable? Claire To Replace Frank As Lead?

By R. A. Jayme - 07 Dec '16 07:29AM

Frank Underwood has been missing from Netflix for quite awhile now and many are still waiting for the fifth season premiere of the political drama-thriller "House Of Cards". With the recent win of billionaire Donald Trump in the US Presidential Elections, many fans are speculating that showrunners will probably apply the current reality political situation.

"House Of Cards" became such a hype when it continued to intrigue viewers with its manipulative characters in gaining their personal interest whatever it takes. The show maintains its aura of unpredictability, suggesting that spoilers or rumors for the show are pointless.

As previously reported by News Every Day, in "House of Cards", Frank will be replaced by his wife as the lead role as she attempts his murder. But with Trump's presidency, it seems that the spoiler is not going to happen at all. With President's Trump unpredictability and current political dynamics, many even expect that the show could not keep up at all.

Frank Underwood is known for his dirty tricks and some other methods that include gas lightings, blackmails and even murders that are considered old-fashioned when it comes to political dramas which were precisely used before. "House of Cards" showrunner Beau Willimon was vocal on his protest on Trump's win and he even created an action group after Donald Trump became President-elect in Nov. 8. The Hillary Clinton supporter urged his 44,000 Twitter followers to volunteer, protest and donate to government-funded organizations like Planned Parenthood, as reported by International Business Times.

Still, no sneak peeks, details or confirmations were yet made by Netflix on how the fifth season will be like. Anyways, fans trust the showrunners to produce another great season for the series. Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire reported that "House Of Cards" Season 5 is already locked up by Netflix and eventually renewed the show for a fifth season on January 28, 2017. No specific date were yet revealed for its premiere date.

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