The Secret To Coach Steve Kerr's Admittance of Using Marijuana Is Revealed True Story

By Kenn Mark - 06 Dec '16 08:59AM

The 51-year-old Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr took an indefinite leave of absence last year after going under the knife to revamp a ruptured disc, in addition to a follow-up procedure to assuage the pain from his initial surgery. Kerr spent nearly four months away from the game of basketball, and during those days, Kerr looked for answers when it came to concentrating on his protracted chronic back pain.

Kerr admitted on Monte Poole's CSN Bay Area podcast on Friday that he had used marijuana to help administer his unremitting back pain the past two years. Last year, Kerr submit himself to two back surgeries, which caused him to overlook almost the first half of the 2015-16 campaign, and these impediments caused him enduring discomfort.

The NBA said in a statement, "All of our coaches are drug tested each season. Marijuana is included on our banned substances list. There are medical exceptions to our policy but, in this case, it's not relevant because Steve said he did not find marijuana to be helpful in relieving his back pain."

All coaches are subject to one drug test per season during training camp, with a diverse entry for what is considered a positive test. NBA players who test positive for recreational drugs such as marijuana are not disciplined until their third failure. Kerr was not aware though that this action will not be subject to drug test nor did it violate any NBA laws. He clarified that he used marijuana when he was away from the team and not during his coaching session with the Golden Warrior team. 

The usage of cannabis is unlawful under in the United States federal law, and against the rules of a jurisdiction in Major Professional Sports Leagues in the United States.  Kerr said he thought it was only a matter of time before bans on marijuana are lifted and accepted socially. He stressed that he is not campaigning for the recreational use of marijuana but urging consideration for medicinal use where it will be relevant. He strongly believes that it would be more beneficial, rather than a performance and health disadvantage. 


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