Injuries Can't Stop Seahawks' Tyler Lockett, Thomas Rawls; Seattle Seahawks Dominates Over Carolina Panthers

By Maria David - 05 Dec '16 10:13AM

Thomas Rawls is Seattle Seahawks' bet for a complete turnaround despite being sidelined for two months as a result of a cracked fibula, an injury the athlete suffered in Week 2. Rawls is believed to be a key player along with Tyler Lockett who also sustained an injury the same week.

Having two of their best players injured in Week 2 might have been a sign of a downward slope for the Seattle Seahawks, however, coach Pete Carroll remains positive and believed in his players, none the less. According to ESPN, Carroll singled out one player when he addressed his team before the matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers.

As per Carroll, he spoke to Thomas Rawls during the said meeting and he could tell that Rawls was ready for the brawl with fellow Seattle Seahawks despite the recently sustained injuries. According to Carroll, Rawls was "fully back," and it seems he wasn't wrong on that note.

According to Seahawks, the Seattle Seahawks bagged a 40-7 win for the first time this season against the Carolina Panthers, proving that Rawls was back in his game, owning up to the expectations of him being Marshawn Lynch's replacement. Rawls was able to carry 15 times for 106 yards earning the team two touchdowns. His record being able to score eight out of eleven possessions. The colorful win definitely suggests that last week's 14-5 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would not be the start of a losing streak.

Moreover, Rawls wasn't the only Seattle Seahawks player to gain recognition after rising above a recent;y sustained injury. Tyler Lockett was also a key player with his five catches for 63 yards with an incredible 75-yard touchdown for the team. Despite injuries, Seattle Seahawks' Thomas Rawls was able to shine on Sunday night, triumphing over that cracked fibula, while Tyler Lockett beat his knee and thigh injury as reported by Sky Sports.

It seems the Seattle Seahawks was able to overcome a few bumps along the road to NFL domination. Hopefully, Thomas Rawls and Tyler Lockett will prove Carroll's predictions to be true. As per coach Carroll, the two have a big game coming their way this season. Stay tuned to News Every Day for more updates on NFL 2016.

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