Facebook Currently Working On Artificial Intelligence To Flag Fake News Websites Circulating Around The Social Media

By Mar V - 02 Dec '16 09:33AM

It is no surprise that Facebook has been filled with numerous false news websites that have been circulating around and people actually believe them. Now, Facebook has decided to do something about it and find ways to trace the sources of these sites to be able to delete them and stop them from spreading false malicious "news" to the users.

Facebook And Its Artificial Intelligence Team Still Working On How To Prevent The Spread Of False Information On Its Website

Despite the company's efforts to spare the social networking site from heinous contents and fake sites, it cannot be addressed right away. It can be observed that recently, Facebook has been filled with censored videos, scandals, fake websites and the like that could greatly influence the minds of its users. It cannot be denied that Facebook is one of the mostly-used social media site all over the world, and its contents have great effect on the users. Thus, Artificial Intelligence of the company has been struggling to find ways to prevent these scandalous contents in circling all around as it cannot be easily prevented.

According to Yann LeCun, the director of Facebook's Artificial Intelligence research, technology could help in putting down these scandalous and fake sites with the wrong kind of content. However, it can still be a struggle for the company to prevent the spread false information on its site, since AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used to detect words that could signal that a story may be false or simply pretentious. It has admitted to not having the perfect solutions yet but is currently working on it, slowly singling out the problems that it has encountered.

Avoidance Of False Sites Not Magic According To Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Director

Facebook's goal is now to clarify that the Artificial Intelligence cannot magically delete or prevent such sites from appearing, since it is still currently being worked on and continually studies. Nevertheless, it assures that it will be able to affect the technology and the lives of the users these days, but is still currently in the process of "perfecting" their ultimate goal. It has been criticized for spreading false information especially during the recent Presidential Elections but is currently working on it as well. Little by little, Facebook will be able to find the formula in keeping their site clean.

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