Nintendo NES Classic Short Cord Problem Can Be Solved By This Wireless Receiver And Other Cheap Devices!

By R. A. Jayme - 01 Dec '16 05:00AM

Considered a hit and well-loved by many players around the globe, Nintendo's NES Classic Edition is near perfect with this one downside. The new NES gamepad that comes with the NES Classic Edition console has a 2.5-foot cable.

Obviously, the disadvantage being referred was the short controller cables, according to Business Insider. However, with the presence of technology, third-party companies decided to offer a solution.

One of those who offered help is from 8Bitdo, which just released a new version of its Retro Receiver that works with the NES Classic, according to Engadget. The package not only includes the aforementioned Retro Receiver but also along with the company's "NES30" wireless controller.

According to descriptions, the product is visually similar to the classic NES controller but the slight difference is that it has four buttons in front instead of the traditional two. Incredibly, the Bluetooth-enabled Retro Receiver lets the user use many other controllers with the NES Classic. This also includes the PS3, PS4 and just about any other Bluetooth controller possible.

The package is retailed for $39.99 including an NES30 controller, a USB cable for charging it, and the Bluetooth receiver for connecting to the console. However, there is only one per box, according to Mashable.

Notably, the price is expensive considering that NES Classic itself only costs $60. Without arguments, Nintendo has always been known to make excellent controllers and consumers around speculated that these 8Bitdo options will not feel quite as nice as what Nintendo manufactures.

So will the $39.99 be worth it?  It can be for someone who loathes playing a very exciting game on the floor that could cause a hurting butt and numb legs after playing for a while. Play comfortably from the couch will make an entire difference for the player's performance. Interestingly,  the NES30 Retro Receiver bundle ships on December 16th, just in time for Christmas.

Thankfully, there is cheaper, easy solution: Nyko's "Miniboss" gamepad, which costs just $20. Miniboss was already available since November 11, the same day the NES Classic Edition arrives in stores.

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