‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cast Confirmed: Doug Jones, Michelle Yeoh‬‬ and Anthony Rapp‬ Are the First Three, Who is “Number One”?

By Jeff Thompson - 30 Nov '16 18:06PM

The science fiction TV series from CBS "Star Trek: Discovery" are done with the first three casts. The characters of the series is set to premier from May 2017 and they are played by Doug Jones, Michelle Yeoh, and Anthony Rapp. The remaining castings will be expected in the coming days. However, there is no information regarding who would be the "Number One" in "Star Trek: Discovery".

The Star Trek: Discovery, would see Doug Jones playing the role of Lt. Saru, a Science officer who is serving as a lieutenant on the Discovery. The former contortionist is a perfect fit in the role also considering his experience in science fiction and fantasy type movies like Hellboy and Hocus Pocus. He is also known for using heavy makeup to appear as supernatural characters.

The lady cast of "Star Trek: Discovery", Michelle Yeoh will be portraying as Captain Georgiou, the chief of the Starship Shenzhou. It is reported that her role is not included in the main character list, however, she would make frequent appearances. The Chinese-Malaysian actress is best known for her role in "Tomorrow Never Dies", the 1997 James Bond movie. Whether the story would have a surprise in her role and the character Number One?

The third cast in "Star Trek: Discovery" is Anthony Rapp and he plays the character Lt. Stamets, another Science Officer in the series but he specializes in astromycology. Reports suggest that the character Stamets will be portrayed as gay, would also serve on Starship Discovery. Rapp is a stage cum film actor and a singer known for his associations with Broadway theater, especially on musicals.

However, the main female character of the series is not yet announced. It is expected that the cast for Number One and other roles are expected soon. Considering the success of Star Trek franchisee in the past, the fans are eager to know more about Star Trek: Discovery and updates including new characters, casts and crew are expected to announce in the coming weeks.

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