Florida Man Decapitates Mother on New Year's Eve

By Dustin M Braden - 02 Jan '15 17:03PM

A Florida man is in custody after he cut off his mother's head because he claims she would not stop nagging him.

The Tampa Tribune reports that 23-year-old Christian Jose Gonzales decapitated his mother after she told him to move some boxes in the attic.

The murder happened after Christian, his mother Maria Suarez-Cassagne, his brother Mario, and their 16-year-old sister had dinner on New Year's Eve. After dinner, Mario went to take a nap and the sister went to work.

Mario said that during his nap he heard a noise, but thought it was just Christian moving the boxes as requested and went back to sleep. After waking up, Mario called for his mother and brother, but recieved no response.

As he searched the house and property for his family, Mario found his mother's body near the garbage cans and called the police at 7:22 p.m., according to the Tribune. The head had been thrown in one of the trash cans.

Christian was found by the police riding a bicycle less than a mile from the scene of the crime. He briefly tried to elude arrest, but was caught and then confessed to cutting off his mother's head with an ax.

Christian said he struck her with the ax several time as the two stood in the garage. He said he tried to put her body in the trash, but was unable to do so.

Although Christian attributed the murder to being nagged, the Tribune reports that Christian also felt jealous of his brother Mario because he thought that their mother was paying more attention to him.

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