SpaceX To Put Up Internet Around Earth 200 Times Faster Than Usual

By Erika Ivene - 28 Nov '16 06:47AM

Elon Musk plans yet another brilliant invention for the world: an incredibly fast internet connection. With the use of SpaceX, Musk looks to install the internet connection around the Earth with 200 times faster speed than what humans enjoy at present.

In mid-November, Musk filed an application at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to be able to launch 4,425 satellites in space, reports ScienceAlert. These satellites will be utilized to establish a faster internet connection that may be further used not only by the space workers but also be beneficial to everyone on Earth.

The said satellites will revolve between 1,150 to 1,275 kilometers in height and about 2,120 kilometers wide, says CNBC. Also, reports say that each of these satellites has a mass or around 850 lbs. Although the size of each satellite is relatively small compared to the vast universe it will be orbiting, it's built to endure. And the total number would suffice for what Musk and his company think is needed.

According to further reports, there is no need to worry about its manufacturing cost since SpaceX is privately owned. The materials used were also cost-effective to maximize utility and feasibility. Besides, experts believe that too costly space installations, even if it works, will lose its effectiveness as it cannot be maintained and easily reproduced for future use.

This universal internet system aims to provide at least 1Gbps per user with low latency services for all internet users, both personal and commercial use, around the world. As for the aggregate downlink capacity, it can be as high as 17 to 23 Gbps.

However, not all the 4,425 satellites will be launched at once, only 1,600 satellites will be set. This first batch will have an aggregate capacity total of 32 Tbps. Still a lot faster than the usual.

Meanwhile, there are no further announcements yet of when this first launch is officially dated and what the terms and conditions be among the users.

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