‘Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR)’ Platform Comes To ‘Steam’, The Next Steam Update Brings It, See What Can Be Expected

By Jeff Thompson - 26 Nov '16 17:10PM

It is a happy news for gamers especially virtual reality gamers as Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) consortium has made an announcement that it comes to 'Steam', the online digital distribution platform. It is reported that the next Steam update will bring the open source VR content to the platform.

The introduction would enable the users of Steam to use any OSVR content in their VR headsets regardless of the brand. "This is an important step for VR," Said OSVR lead at Razer, Christopher Mitchell. "This will provide access to open content for users regardless of VR headset brand at the same time the makers of VR headsets can utilize this opportunity to come up with better hardware."

It is highly important to understand that the major VR headsets available in the market are Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. Interestingly, they have their own platforms for games and other VR headsets are restricted to use these platforms. It creates a problem that a common platform for all VR headsets is missing. That issue is being sorted out when OSVR coming to common gaming and content platform Steam.

It was also a problem for content developers to make and maintain for each three platforms before. The movement by OSVR will ensure a universal open source VR ecosystem. Interestingly, most of the tech majors including Intel, Razer, Gearbox Software, Leap Motion, Sensics, etc. are supporting the movement.

The OSVR that comes to Steam is a complete platform which also has a software development kit (SDK) that helps the developers to create support for all VR headsets. "We are happy to announce the support to OSVR," said Steam's Augusta Butlin. "Since Steam is an open platform, we can work with OSVR and make the platform more popular by ensuring massive contents for the gamers."

The new venture of OSVR and Steam is a good news for the gamers and fans of virtual reality. Specific platform games are possibly forcing users to be restricted and depend on the platform for anything and everything. The new venture is expected to change that and it will help create quality content from various developers.

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